Rangers 1896/97
Manchester United 1905/06

The Biggest Football Colourisation Project In The UK

I make no secret that I am a huge fan of what Pele, the worlds greatest ever footballer, called The People’s Game.

Having written a plethora of books on the subject of Association football and requesting others to produce colourised images for the various publications it struck me that I should really be doing this myself and so a passion that combined a love of football with art and design commenced.

Currently I am starting at the beginning and having colourised two images of Harrow School football team from the mid 1870’s. I am working through the rest of the decades up to 1945. However that will be where the project will stop.

Its no big deal as there are literally thousands of pre 1918 football images to colourise first and a commemorative book will likely follow in due course containing all of the football colourisation to date.

I don’t care which football club it is. As a football historian I have an appreciation of all British football clubs histories and I am delighted to get to know more about their colourful past.

What I am doing, colourisation wise, with pre war British football images is the largest project of its type in the UK. Currently I have approximately 200 pre war football colourisations in my collection and that collection is growing day by day. .